Some Previous Clients

TRIB is a talent agency focused on change and growth. When they decided to upgrade their website I was invited to be their copywriter and messaging sounding board. A super-exciting challenge since the company has a beautiful dynamic vibe and approach that we wanted to convey to talents and clients.



One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you meet a lot of amazing entrepreneurs just when their ideas are taking their first steps. When Afroshoes’ founder and designer Emo Rugene told me he wanted to make the first East African luxury sneaker I was thrilled about the idea. In 2016, I helped Emo with his Kickstarter campaign and media relations around it. The campaign was a success and Nyalas are now produced and on the feet of happy owners (me included) all over the world.



I had the privilege to spend a year working with Electrolux Design Lab, a global competition and platform by Electrolux entirely dedicated to all aspects of design. A really inspiring and amazing initiative that connects design professionals from all corners of the world. The heart of Design Lab is a future product development design competition for design students. We created a platform for design discourse with a more editorial approach and opened up for more co-creation with the community in different ways. An example is the logo itself which is designed by a design student. This project included a lot of planning, a lot of curation and a lot of inspiration from people all over the world. The brief for the competition that year, revolved around our senses and we made shorts films about each sense together with Naive. Great project. Key insight and motivational reward: Inspiration is everywhere and your target group is your best partner.



Tetra Pak provides processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages. This makes them a key stakeholder and influencer when it comes to environmental issues, a role that they take seriously and embrace with a lot of ambition and dedication. Tetra Pak work with a concept in social media in Sweden, ”Återvinnarna” (The Recyclers) to inspire consumers to recycle more. We created a cartoon campaign with the aim of spreading awareness and increasing social media followers and interaction. One of the themes we worked with was ”Cardboard Karma” with educational material and competitions telling the story of how a person’s cardboard karma gives the boxes more lives.




When becoming a freelancer I early on decided to always have room in my schedule and budget for pro bono projects. During my year as Communication Manager at The Department of Microbiology, Tumor- and Cellbiology at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm I had the great privilege to meet Professor Akira Kaneko. Professor Kaneko is the first one to succeed in eliminating malaria in a tropical environment. After having spent two decades in Vanuatu with this great achievement he has now started a new project in Lake Victoria. This is one of the regions of the world most severely affected by malaria. The project is a collaboration between Karolinska Institute, Nagasaki University in Japan, Nagasaki University in Nairobi and the Kenyan Ministry of Health. I have been with this extra-ordinary international team and participated in their work in Kenya and am proud and honored to be supporting the project with communication support such as fundraising and media relations. One of our main highlights was when Swedish Television sent a team to document the project.



The trip with professor Kaneko (described above) was the start of a new professional path for me. I fell in love with Kenya and have since dedicated my time to various projects revolving around bridging cultural and racial gaps. The heart of this is, a platform that started as a blog but has evolved into also functioning as a talent agency and media service. In 2016, the blog was nominated as one of Kenya’s best Lifestyle Blogs by BAKE.



In 2016, the Swedish Institute programme Sweden@ had Kenya as partnering company. The project lasted for a year and included visits to both partnering companies and a final event, #CreativeNations, in Nairobi, Kenya, with panelists and workshops from the creative sector. It was an amazing honor and experience to be head of PR for this event and coordinate communication from SI and the Swedish embassy to local media. Our event raised many important questions and was one of the main trending topics in social media during the week of the event.